Regardless of political stance, no one can deny the joy felt upon seeing our troops coming home safely. Welcome Home Blog celebrates these amazing military homecoming reunions. Visit daily for heartwarming stories, videos & pictures of members of our armed forces returning home to surprise their families & friends.

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Soldier Reunites With His Dog, Lots Of Belly Rubs Ensue

Army Lt. Charles Smith was called into active duty and deployed three months ago but his dog and best friend Peanut was well taken care of. The Arizona Humane Society partnered with PetSmart to launch Project Active Duty earlier this year, which helps find foster homes and care for the pets of military members while they are serving overseas.


Handicapped Dog Is COMPLETELY Overwhelmed With Emotion

This couple adopted a special needs puppy with a severe birth defect, right before he was deployed for six months. Dad and the handicapped puppy were very close, so his deployment was hard on the both of them. All three of the pups were ecstatic to see Dad as soon as he walked in the door! It may take the special needs a little longer to get to him, but you can tell she truly has a special bond with her dad.


Sailor Reunited With Dog

Just got home from 7.5 month westpac deployment. Needless to say our border collie – lab mix, Cinder, missed me.