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Woman Screams When Soldier Twin Brother Surprises Her After Coming Home from Afghanistan

January 07, 2013

“My twin brother, Jeffery, left for Afghanistan in May of 2012. Hugging him goodbye was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. When you hug your loved one goodbye and you don’t know if it will be the last time, the hardest thing to do is let go! We were military brats growing up, so we’ve always been extremely close. Our birthday is on the 18th of December. This was the first one out of 26 years that we would spend apart… including Christmas! On the 29th, my dad told me that Jeffery is on U.S soil, but is caught in a snowstorm and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow night. For the next hour I was running around the house screaming, jumping and singing, “My brother is in the USA. My twin is in AMERICA!!”

While I was playing a game downstairs, I got called upstairs to help with something. I saw a car pull up to the neighbors’ house and started staring at the dark figures lingering around the car. My mom kept yelling at me to shut the door. After I shut the door, she hugged me and said, “Tara, honey, I know you think he’s coming home tonight and you’re convinced we’re trying to surprise you, but he’s NOT coming home tonight.” It was the same voice that had comforted me in other hard times! I was convinced and started to cry. A couple minutes later, I was called back downstairs to finish the game… The rest was caught on video!”

– Tara D.

WARNING: Loud screaming ahead!


U.S. Airman, Disguised as Santa, Surprises Entire Family on Christmas 2012

January 04, 2013

“I am a SrA in the Air Force. I am super close w/ my family and I missed the last 2 Christmases. I wanted to do something special for them! The only person from back home who knew I was coming home was my cousin (who is the one holding the camera). He told the family that his buddy was going to come over for a bit in a Santa suit for the kids. Little did they know it was going to be me!”



U.S. Airman Surprises Mom at Family Christmas Party

January 03, 2013

“The lady in this video is my Aunt and the young man (Airman First Class John May) is her son. He’s 19 years old and is stationed in Wichita Falls, TX. He left home for basic training in August. This is a traditional family Christmas party, only this time he wouldn’t be able to attend. This was to be her first Christmas without her son; or so she thought. He told her he wasn’t able to come home and he wouldn’t be able to see her until February. We pre-wrapped the boxes and he stayed in my car until it was time for the big reveal. We devised a plan to get her into another room and were able to sneak him into the house without her knowledge. He wanted to surprise her, and along with the help of other family members, we were able to keep the homecoming a secret and make it a success!”

-Brittany P.