Regardless of political stance, no one can deny the joy felt upon seeing our troops coming home safely. Welcome Home Blog celebrates these amazing military homecoming reunions. Visit daily for heartwarming stories, videos & pictures of members of our armed forces returning home to surprise their families & friends.

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U.S. Marine Welcomed Home By His Two Dogs

October 26, 2011

“My husband came home from his 3rd deployment, he was gone for 7 months. Our dogs were ecstatic!”


U.S. Marine Surprises His Little Boy and Girl at School

October 25, 2011


U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Comes Home From Deployment, Surprises Kids at Busch Gardens

October 21, 2011

For the Hill children — 6-year-old Chrislyn, 4-year-old Christopher and 1-year-old Christian — a show at Busch Gardens recently featured a surprise ending that was many months in the making. At the finale of the show, the stage attendant announced that they had a special guest to introduce, but that they would need special help from the audience (and a wave of Abby’s magic wand) to bring him all the way back from Afghanistan.