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Welcome Home Blog’s Monthly Donation: May 2012

June 07, 2012

Hey everyone! It’s that time of month again! As may or may not know, revenue generated from the advertisements you see on our website goes to a different charity that serves our military, its veterans, and their families each month. We wanted to let you know a little bit about the charity that May’s donation went to… Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America:

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is the first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for new veterans, with over 200,000 Member Veterans and supporters nationwide. IAVA is a 21st Century veterans’ organization dedicated to standing with the 2.4 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from their first day home through the rest of their lives. Founded in 2004 by an Iraq veteran, their mission is to improve the lives of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

IAVA strives to build an empowered generation of veterans who provide sustainable leadership for our country and their local communities. They work toward this vision through programs in four key impact areas: supporting new veterans in Health, Education, Employment and building a lasting Community for vets and their families (HEEC).

They create impact in these critical areas through assistance to vets and their families, raising awareness about issues facing our community and advocating for supportive policy from the federal to the local level.

If you would like to also contribute to their efforts, visit

Thanks again to everyone who has sent in their amazing videos last month. It is you who makes these donations possible, and who keeps this community alive!

-Welcome Home Blog

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U.S. Soldier Welcomed Home by Two Miniature Schnauzers

June 04, 2012

“I surprised my two miniature schnauzers after coming home from my 12 month deployment in northern Afghanistan. Tucker (grey) is 4 years old and Abby (black) is 1-1/2 years old. Filmed by my wife Jennifer. We planned for the dogs to smell my bag and run towards the bedroom to look for me, and I was going to come through the front door and call them. But Tucker got too excited and found me!”

-Matt W.


U.S. Navy Sailor Returns Home, Surprises Mother

June 04, 2012

“After 4 months of being gone, I decided I was going to go home for a weekend to surprise my mother. She was completely clueless that I was coming home, but I had quite a few people in on it to make the turn out so great. I rode up on my bike right as my parents were pulling in to dock the boat, and I have no clue how they didn’t see me. I waited it out for a few til I found my window to get up behind her. I covered her eyes, and said guess who. It could not have turned out better!”

-Brandon S.