Regardless of political stance, no one can deny the joy felt upon seeing our troops coming home safely. Welcome Home Blog celebrates these amazing military homecoming reunions. Visit daily for heartwarming stories, videos & pictures of members of our armed forces returning home to surprise their families & friends.

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Airman Surprises Her Family at Baseball Game

July 07, 2014

Airman returns home just in time for the 4th of July to surprise her parents and sister during a baseball game. They think that they are just watching a video of her but when she walks onto the field they get the surprise of their life.


Sailor Surprises Family at Restaurant

July 07, 2014

Sailor MA2 Clark comes home to visit his family. A surprise worth crying for, family strong. Thank you Bone Daddy’s in Arlington TX for helping us set this event up!



Marine Surprises His Little Sister

July 04, 2014

So my brother Michael was stationed in Okinawa for about a year and a half. And it was really hard to keep in touch. I had no clue he was coming down. It turns out everyone I knew planned this (including him) for 6 months!!!! I was so happy to see him and be able to hug him after so long. I missed him so much and this was the best surprise ever.