Marine Surprised By Wife at Homecoming

“While my husband was deployed we were trying to figure out when was best for me to come to meet him we decided one June 22. I told him I booked the flight and I would see him then, little did he know I actually was planning on coming the 10th and being there to surprise him when he got back from deployment. I was so nervous r keeping this a secret since I am the worst at these type of things. Well everyday he would tell me how excited he was for June 22 and just a little bit longer. At that point I wanted to tell him I was going to be there earlier! But I kept my secret I had my friends husband help me and kept track of where the bus was still my husband had not a clue I was standing there waiting for him. The first two buses pulled up and I didn’t see him then another two came and I spotted him. He didn’t see me at first then he noticed me and was completely taken back and shocked that I was standing there. It was everything I hoped it would be it turned out to be the best surprise.” – Brienne