Army wife realizes that she isn’t alone while waiting for her Soldier to return

Ashley Sandgren’s smiles said as much as her words. Sometimes anxious. Other times confident.

Either way, she knew the wait was almost over.

Just 24 hours away from reuniting with her husband – Army Specialist Jeremy Sandgren – after his nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, the Virginia native talked through the emotions of what it was like to wait out the couple’s first overseas deployment.

“I think putting it out of your mind is helpful in some sense, but you shouldn’t live your life in denial that they’re in danger, because they are,” she said.

Not that she didn’t have plenty to do. A trained cosmetologist, Sandgren balanced her work with coordinating an Army Family Readiness Group and volunteering with the USO, where many Fort Drum spouses have found a home away from home while their significant others were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade.

“Having USO volunteers that have their soldiers deployed, it’s the full gamut,” said USO Fort Drum Director Karen Clark. “It’s the joys, it’s the sorrows, it’s the anxiety, it’s the happiness. We do it all.” – Eric Brandner