IDF soldier returns home to surprise his three-year-old son

“My husband is a soldier in the IDF Air Force, and was deployed from Israel to America to learn the new F35 Fighter Jet Plane. He spent two months training at Eglin Air Force Base. I was 6 months pregnant when he left and we will soon have a newborn baby girl! It has been the hardest year for us yet, but we are hopeful that the coming year will be the best year ever. Rafael is three years old, and he was shocked to see that his dad actually came home. What a sweet surprise! He didn’t think his daddy was ever going to come back. He has been talking about his dad being a soldier and how he is at base in America, since Hadar has left. There is nothing better than seeing your dad for the first time after a deployment. We hope this video makes you smile and laugh with happiness! It did for us! ” –Andrea