Little boy missed his daddy so much he is so happy to have him home

“My husband is on the USS Tennessee so my son hadn’t gotten to talk or see his father as submarines do not have the option to call or Skype and when on Alert email is off as well. Here’s my 3 year old son when daddy came home from deployment.” – Kimberly Befell

“I miss you so much daddy!”

One little boy was so surprised when he saw his dad, a member of the Navy home from deployment. He made sure that this was really true asking if his daddy really was off the boat and home to see him.

Full of hugs he tells his daddy “I cried and cried,” as he reminded him again of how much he was missed.

There is no doubt that he is happy to have his daddy back.

Video submitted by Kimberly Befell Dershowitz to Love What Matters.