Sailor gets best greeting when he gives son birthday surprise

“After 186 days- 6 months and four days apart, our fourth deployment is finally complete! When you’re doing it alone, it always seems impossible, until it’s over! The feelings I have are indescribable, the love we share is unmeasurable. I am so proud of this man and the job he did overseas. My heart could burst at the seams right now! It may be hard, and it may hurt when he’s gone, but getting to fall in love, a deeper love, all over again, and always getting to have multiple first kisses, THIS is what makes it all worth it! I am so thankful he made it back home to us safely! It’s Jr’s sixth birthday and dad being home is the best present that boy of ours is going to get! The kids were not expecting this at all. I am so IN LOVE!” –Erika Ritschard