Airman returns home to surprise terminally ill retired firefighter dad

“My dad suffered a major heart attack on 4/18/16. For days, all the doctors could tell us was that they didn’t know what would come next…that it was likely that he would have brain damage but that we would have to wait and see. So we waited…and we waited and people came and went. We still waited. I cried, screamed, and struggled with the idea that MY DADDY…the strongest healthiest man I knew was literally fighting for his life. This is a man who works out at least 4 times a day every day. A fireman for 30 years. A man whose youthful looks belie his 60+ years. My brother (Senior Airman Reggie Flye) came home on emergency leave. Reggie would not leave if he did not get a chance to see dad awake. Dad woke up the day before he left, however as he progressed in his recovery but he did not remember Reggie being home. As a family we were shaken, but we survived with our patriarch a little down but overall okay. The day dad was set to be released from rehab, they discovered that he had stage IV cancer. We decided to fight. There was nothing more that we could give him, than to see his only son (there’s 3 of us girls) on his birthday. And that’s what we did.

I’d like you all to do me a favor on today. Make my daddy go viral! Share his story…tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD…and let him know that #westandwithFoe and we are all #FLYEstrong” –Kacey Flye