Mom surprises daughter with Army dad’s arrival at airport

A little girl rushed towards her father, before even giving him a chance to walk out of the gate at the airport. As the young girl and her other family members spot the man coming around the corner, the woman behind the camera – presumably the girl’s mom – calls out: “Who’s that…Kylie.”

The video only lasts about 40 seconds, but is packed with raw emotion, as the US Army soldier is returning home.

An older boy, possibly the soldier’s son, goes over to hug the man, as Kylie jumps into her daddy’s arms and holds on tightly– refusing to let go as he continues to walk towards his family members.

The camera is still rolling as the girl screams with laughter, her voice cracking slightly, as she keeps calling out, “Daddy.”

The soldier smothers his little girl with kisses in the middle of the airport corridor. It was no doubt, a happy reunion for all of them.


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