Marine returns to his kids racing to his side

Love Endures All…. even 18,489,600 seconds; 308,160 minutes; 5136 hours; 214 days; 30 weeks and 4 days; 7 months. I cannot begin to express our joy! We know multiplying all the numbers above could never equate to the amount of thanks we want to give God and our friends and family for their love and support during another long deployment. Our Marine is officially home as of tomorrow and we will get to spend the next two weeks making up for loss time. All glory and praise to the Almighty who covered Shannon and all the troops with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit in His armor and love. To the families that endured this long sacrifice, Thank You for your selflessness and support. Marine Corps/ military spouses, kids, and families are the toughest people I know. I’m proud to be apart of such an exclusive community that defines and provides love in so many ways. For a moment, we now get to trade the contested sighs, tears, and lonely nights for overcoming joy and adoration that most will never experience. I’m so happy that your full homes will match your full hearts. Happy Homecoming!