Vietnam Veteran reunited with stolen camera after nearly 50 years

Steven Bridges recently bought an old 8mm film camera and discovered shortly afterwards there was a wonderful story attached to the vintage piece of equipment.

Bridges bid $6 for it and bought the camera at an auction in Wanette, Oklahoma.

Later, he noticed a name etched in the top along with dates and a location. He thought it would be cool to track the person down.

Michael Ballard, the post commander at the American Legion Post in Tecumseh, put up a post on social media to try and track down the camera’s original owner.

Just two days later he was contacted by Leon Hembree, a veteran of the Army and Marines, who says: “I went over as a member of the Army 124th Transportation Co.”

Hembree told KFOR News he loved to take pictures back in the 60’s and cameras were cheap in Saigon, Vietnam, so he bought several.

But around 1967, his camera was stolen. Whoever had it though took pretty good care of it –the camera still had film in it.

The three men arranged to meet up in a parking lot in Del City to get the camera back to their fellow vet. Hembree hopes to now take the film to a processor to try and save it, the local NBC station reports.


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