Soldiers’ acts of kindness brighten little boy’s day


A writer/blogger going about her business Wednesday at a Washington Starbucks captured a special moment between two soldiers and three young kids.

It was one of those heart-melting moments that breaks up the monotony of your day and grabs your attention – for all the right reasons. Alyssa Galios was working in Snohomish the day after the election and things seemed pretty quiet at the Starbucks, aside from one other table that was occupied by a mother and her three children.

It seems like everything stopped, when the little boy at the next table noticed his real-life heroes entering the coffee shop. Galios describes the scene from her vantage point, as she herself is clearly enjoying the innocent, happy moment.

“We all turn to look at the two men who have walked in. They’re soldiers. Combat boots, clumping. Hats on and uniforms pristine,” Galios writes in her Facebook post.

The soldiers noticed the little boy looking at them so they walked over to have a quick chat after making their purchases at the counter. The toddler reveals to them that his favorite super hero is Spider-Man. One of the soldiers then rips off his Velcro American Flag right off his arm and hands it to the boy – who lights up instantly. The other soldier then walks over and gives him another badge which he takes off of his coat.

The mother thanks the men profusely and the little boy does his best salute.

Edgar Gonzalez and Pedro Cordoba talked briefly with Galios afterwards and told her that doing kind things “helps them alleviate the stress and anxiety they experience post-deployment.”

What a wonderful story to share, especially on this, the Veterans Day Holiday.

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