Army major surprises sons, nephew at Texas school after returning home from final deployment

A San Antonio military family got a sweet Christmas surprise Wednesday morning. Army Maj. Evan Chung just returned from his third deployment, and he’s home for good this time. Chung is now retired after serving in the military for 19 years.

“It was very hard to keep the secret. It was a seven-day trip from Afghanistan,” Chung said. KENS 5 caught up with him and his wife over Facebook Live on their way to one of his reunions.

“I wanted it to be a big deal. I wanted everyone to know how hard he’s worked and how important he is to the family,” Chung’s wife Nikola Wilson-Chung said. “Military separation like that and deployment is always really hard on everybody,” Chung said.

Chung surprised his son Hunter and nephew Ryan during their math class at Reagan High School. Before that, he also surprised his younger son Trey, who is in sixth grade at Lopez Middle School. They had no idea what was coming.

“It was really overwhelming because like, I wasn’t expecting it. It wouldn’t be Christmas… without this guy,” Hunter Chung said. “I love serving my country. It was an honor and privilege for me to be able to deploy. Coming home to family makes it all worth it,” Chung said.