Son gets help from thousands of strangers to find dad’s Vietnam battle buddy

When Bryce Lacy came home from college for the weekend, he and his dad, Charles, found themselves looking through his military photos. Amongst the Vietnam veteran’s keepsakes was a picture of him and his best friend at the time, Kermit Powers.

Although it had been fifty years since the two had seen each other, reminiscing made Charles linger in a trip down memory lane and so he kept bringing up his old battle buddy.

Bryce recruited help from Twitter users by posting their picture hoping someone might recognize Kermit. 54,000 retweets later, someone responded with a lead in the form of an obituary, then a LinkedIn account, twitter, and a Facebook page.

Bryce seemed to be getting closer as all his leads seemed to point out that the man they were looking for had probably moved to Germany. Strangers with connections to the National Archives and military database were extending their assistance to Bryce.

Soon Bryce received a message from the “Kermit Powers” Facebook account saying that Kermit had been searching for Charles as well.

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