Funeral home receives backlash from Vietnam Veteran’s body placed on display without coffin

Army Vietnam vet George Taylor’s family and friends were upset when they showed up to visit him at the Heritage Funeral Home in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Loved ones found him laid out on a gurney covered with an American flag instead of in a coffin.

While representatives from Heritage Funeral Home say that the Taylor family agreed to an unorthodox viewing, some of the members claimed that the funeral home’s less than acceptable performance was due to lack of payment. Left outraged a family member took to Facebook explaining how the funeral home was to receive a check from the insurance company the next day and could’ve presented him in an honorable fashion.

The Heritage Funeral Home issued a statement saying: “A lot of inaccuracies are being shared via social media. We did everything as we were instructed to do by the family. Every family we serve has a way and reason for why they want to do things. We do that because it’s an honor for us to serve all families. Money is not an issue. Money is never an issue for why we should serve a family. Our hearts are broken with how we’ve been portrayed by the news and social media. Family members have gone on record to say our funeral home has done nothing wrong. We take the utmost care and dignity, and there was never anything done because of negligence.”