Valley veteran receives high school diploma with granddaughter

The 2017 graduating class of Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona had the honor of receiving their diplomas with six military veterans. One of them being Vietnam veteran Marine Corporal Rex Selnes, who joined the service when he was seventeen – prior to graduation.

After serving in Vietnam and moving back to the midwest, Selnes enrolled in college with his wife, Judy. He also made a deal with an administrator that he could stay in college, despite not having a high school diploma, if he got a 3.2 GPA. Rex got a 3.8, graduated, and became a teacher for 18 years.

However when his granddaughter was set to graduate from high school, she told him about a program where military veterans were given honorary diplomas and walk with the graduating class.

He took her up on the offer and it turns out she was the one who had the honor of presenting him with his diploma as the crowd cheered and rose to a standing ovation for all six graduating veterans.

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