Airman magically proposes to girlfriend at son’s 1st birthday party

“I had been planning to propose for a while to my best friend but I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to be memorable. I thought and thought and finally saw a video on Youtube that struck an idea. My son’s birthday was coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a famous magician attending his party. Not only would he be attending but also helping me with the proposal! How magical would that be!? (See what I did there?) I messaged the best magician I knew, Daniel Fernandez, and he was all for it… FREE OF CHARGE. Thank you, Daniel! Honestly, bro I really do appreciate it. Happy 1st Birthday, Jarron. Can’t wait for you to watch this when you get older and Jess, I love you! Thank you for saying “Yes” because this video would’ve been kind of crappy if it went the other way! Family and friends, thank you all for coming and being a part of this! We love ya’ll so much! And to everyone that watches this, thank you as well. Much love.” – James Green