Airman returns midtour to surprise family

“So I’ve been stationed over here in South Korea for the last 10 months. I originally wasn’t planning on coming home till after my full year in Korea, but I just missed my family a lot and so I only decided to do a midtour about two months before the surprise. Only my dad and a few friends who picked myself up from the airport, were the only people that knew.

I flew out of Seoul at 9AM, landed in Georgia about 10PM. I had a very long layover and actually went to my departing gate, and slept there all night. I woke up to the sound of them calling for my flight to board and by 11AM I landed in Austin.

Before the plane landed I looked out window and saw Austin. I started crying because I was just so happy I was about to see my family. When I landed I messaged my dad, and he said that he was about leave the house to take my family out to Texas Roadhouse. I told him “keep momma distracted for a few minutes because we just left the airport.” When my friends and myself pulled up to the restaurant the waitress had closed all the blinds inside so my mom and sister couldn’t see me pull up. I walked inside and the hostess knew immediately what was about to go down. At that point, I was too excited to wait, and just went ahead and surprised her!

This is my first duty station, and I had never gone so long without seeing my family. I really wanted it to be memorable and have fun with it. I can definitely say that it was, I still play my mom and sister’s reactions over and over, haha. I am back in Korea for another month, then I am on my way to McGuire AFB.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy it as much as us!” – Sandra O’Hara