Iraq war veteran sells medals to help 4-year-old battle cancer – even though he’s never met her

A veteran of the Iraq war has put his medals up for sale on eBay, to help fund treatment for a four-year-old girl suffering from a rare cancer,even though he has never met her.

Lottie Woods-Johns was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, after being rushedSt Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey,with what her parents thought was a stomach bug.

Later at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, they received the devastating news that Lottie had gtage four high-risk neuroblastoma.

In October 2016, she received chemotherapy and underwent a nine-hour operation to remove 95% of the melon-sized tumor that lay in her stomach.

However, she is now in need of a vaccine treatment that is available in America. Though a lot of the cancerous cells have been removed, some still remain and it is hoped the vaccine would prevent the cancer returning.

Matt Goodman, 35, a former Royal Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, of Cheltenham, contacted Lottie’s mother Charlotte Woods, to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

Miss Woods, ofAddlestone, said: “I didn’t know him.

“He found us on Instagram and emailed to say if could help with things like logos and a website for our campaign, to which I said yes because we didn’t have anyone on board who could do those sorts of things.

“Then he called me a few weeks later and I thought ‘oh no, what’s wrong.’

‘I don’t have to the words to say thank you’

“Then he told me what he had done.”

She continued: “I don’t have to the words to say thank you. Thank you is something you say to someone who makes you a coffee.

“I hope one day I’ll find the words.”

On the eBay auction page, Mr Goodman said: “The value I attach to my medals could never be equal to that of the value of the life of a child, be it my own or someone else’s.

“I will therefore willingly sacrifice the personal value of my medals, in the hope that it they will go some way to giving Lottie and her family the chance of a happy future; which every family deserves.”

Today the sky grew an extra star. #flyhighBradley Today I've never been prouder of little Lottie. She sat on my lap and allowed nurse Collette to get a cannula in her arm, she didn't wriggle, she didn't move, she didn't struggle. She was far far braver than I ever am! We had our radioactive injection, and then laid in the room on the bed for an hour watching various programmes on the iPad and generally having a chat about life. Lottie was as ever impatient for her magic sleep, and when she saw Mike the anaesthetist she was full of smiles! Once off for her sleep I have to get away, I can feel my insides crumbling, and my outer exterior breaking away, but today I couldn't get out of the door! The doors wouldn't open and panic started to build… then we found the exit button. What felt like years was probably moments…. She was returned back to us safe and sound and grumpy! But a flashing owl and a milky bar fixed that and we were home a few hours later. I will forever life my life in fear of this monster cancer snatching Lottie away. #teamlottie you are being so brilliant, please keep going xx

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Miss Woods is looking forward to the day she and Lottie will meet Mr Goodman.

“We said that we will get to together, both families, he’s got a child and I’ve got two other children,” she said.

“We said we’d meet half way even if it’s just for lunch. It will give him (Mr Goodman) a chance to meet Lottie.”

At the time of publication,24 bids had been placed up to £1,120.

See the auction page here: Veteran Charity Medal Auction for Lottie

You can also donate to help Lottie fund here: Team Lottie’s Appeal

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