Airman surprises his daughters under the rouse of going to the dentist

After spending the past year in South Korea and 20 hours flying home, Technical Sergeant Miguel Figueroa is back home.

Being away from his family for long stints is a plight that TSgt. Figueroa knows all too well. Having served in Iraq nearly a decade ago and in South Korea numerous times the pain of his absence never seems to dull.

“You just miss a whole year of their lives. It’s like a newborn. A couple months later you can see a difference you know. It’s the same with them,” he told WJHG

This reunion with his daughters was anticipated for months. To make sure the surprise went of seamlessly, TSgt. Figueroa convinced the four of them that he wouldn’t be back until March. Their mom even arranged for the girls to leave school early for a dentist appointment. Little did Alanis, Jahzara, Jaliane and Mykayla know that their daddy would be waiting for them to race to his arms before the actually had to get to that appointment.