Netflix: In Search Of Military Fathers with Children Getting Married This Spring

Do you have a child getting married in the next two months? We’re looking for a military father (currently on deployment) with a son or daughter getting married before May 1. We want to fly dad home early as a surprise, and film the experience as part of a promotion for a major upcoming Netflix film. Participants will get an all-expenses-paid trip home, $5,000 towards their child’s wedding and a makeover, so you look their best on the big day.

This is for an upcoming Netflix film coming out in late April 2018
This is a heartwarming comedy centered around the relationship between fathers of the bride and groom, on the week of their kids’ wedding

Our Ideal Candidate:
Has a son or daughter is getting married before May 1, who will be positively surprised by his or her father attending the wedding
Currently unable to attend their child’s wedding, or limited time home for the wedding
Someone willing to appear on camera and is comfortable having his surprise appearance with his child/family filmed
We are looking to film the journey home, the surprise appearance, and a fun father/son or father/daughter day together

Information Candidates Must Supply:
Name and Rank
Overview of current situation with son or daughter’s wedding (including where and when it is)
Overview of relationship with child
Why your coming home early would create a great reaction we could film

What we’re offering:
Temporary approved leave of active duty
Round trip flight to and from the wedding destination
$5,000 towards cost of wedding
Day of surprises with son and daughter in your home town

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please contact [Liz Carmo] at [] before [3/16/18] at 6pm EST.

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