Camouflaged Soldier surprises son after being gone for almost 300 days

After 288 days of deployment, 20-year-old Theodore Smith decided to surprise his son with his arrival – and the smile on the little boy’s face is one of the most heartwarming things you’ll see today.

In the video from June 10 shared by Smith, his son, Allius, is posing in their backyard for a picture. “Go farther back,” his asks. Allius complies, and in the corner of his eye spots a man crouched behind him. He yelps in shock and freezes before taking a second to register that the mysterious man is his father. They hug as he picks up his son, still in disbelief that he’s seeing his father for the first time in almost a year.

The father gave up a football scholarship last year to join the army instead, feeling like it was the best thing to do financially.

After completing basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia, he was deployed to Thailand, Philippines and South Korea, before finally returning last month.

“Seeing my wife was amazing,” Theodore told Newsflare.

“But seeing my son get scared and freeze up was priceless. He was scared at first until he realized it was me and he gave me the biggest hug in the world.”

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