Boy speechless when his Soldier uncle returns from Iraq and surprises him at school

When Captain Darren Herring Jr. returned to New Orleans, Louisiana after serving nine months in Iraq, he knew exactly who he had to see. His 9-year-old nephew, Jayden’s reaction to seeing CPT. Herring in his school’s front office is the sweetest. It’s hard not to shed a tear while watching them roll down Jayden’s face.

This moment a was significant transformation for the family being that exactly 15 years ago to the day, they were facing havoc from hurricane Katrina.

Captain Herring post to Facebook saying, “August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated me, my family, and the entire world. August 29th, 2018, me and my family are featured on multiple news platforms to be celebrated with the entire world.”

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