9-year-old girl breaks down in tears when she finds her brother in her present

A Mississippi Airman was the greatest gift of all for his two siblings this year, who told Santa they only wanted their older brother for Christmas.

19-year-old Chase Stringer left for the US Air Force in September, and has since been stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.

When his 12-year-old brother, Colton, and 9-year-old sister, Belle, told Santa what they wanted, the answer was clear- they wanted their brother.

According to WLOX, the two children were presented a rather large box and told to open it.

“I feel like Chase is in here,” Colton said of the box.

“How would he be in a package?” one family member inquired.

“That’s what people do,” Colton responded, clearly having seen a Welcome Home Blog video before.

When Airman Stringer popped out of the box, Colton gave him a hug before dutifully removing all the wrapping on the box and putting it in the trash.

Belle, however, was not so composed, and began to cry, refusing to let go of her eldest brother.

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