Air Force couple go to ER for kidney stones, leave with newborn baby

An Air Force wife who thought she had kidney stones ended up having a baby- and now the community is stepping in to help.

Louisiana-based family Bryson and Grace Mawn were finishing dinner with friends when she started to have severe stomach pain.

On their way to the ER, Mr. Mawn tried to convince his wife that she would be fine.

“I was like okay, you probably have kidney stones you’re going to be fine,” said A1C Bawn, who is stationed at Barksdale AFB.

But Grace, thought otherwise.

“I knew when I felt something down there and it wasn’t a kidney stone,” she responded.

Upon arrival, the couple learned they were having a little girl.

According to KSLA, the baby was unexpected- Mrs. Mawn was on birth control and showed no signs of being pregnant.

“I never felt her move during the pregnancy. I never had cravings, I never had morning sickness,” she said., “Looking back now I did put on a little bit of weight, but it wasn’t noticeable weight, so I didn’t ever think about it. I had my normal cycle some months were a little lighter, but I just thought it was a pill that I was on so I never thought anything about it.”

After the joy of a new little girl began to fade, the terror set in- they weren’t financially prepared for a child.

Fortunately for them, the local Shreveport-Bossier community stepped in to help out, raising over $4,000 and sending in tons of baby supplies for baby Micaela.

“We’ve seen nothing but love and support for our family,” Mr. Mawn said. “We’re both really young adults, we were children last week and we were put into parenthood in a night.”

The Mawns consider themselves fortunate.

“Whenever I look at her I’m just like how the heck did that happen, but I’m super grateful and I love her to death I’m happy,” Mrs. Mawn said.

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