Soldier gets 3 different reactions to surprise reunions with her kids

This Army mom says her kids are little superheroes for two reasons. First, they spend a lot of time away from their mother, the deployment she just finished was over 9 months long. The second reason is because they are resilient, no matter how long she is gone they always behave at home while she serves.

In the first video a student has prepared a very good surprise for her classmate.

During an interview, which is probably the diversion for the surprise. Her classmate then tells her that she can thank the person standing behind her for her service. The girl turns around very fast and sees her mother waiting with her arms open. She jumps onto her other for one of the longest hug she ever gave.

After their reunion mom gives a brief interview, explaining what she does while she is deployed and how she deals with being away from her kids. She also tells good things about them. They are a really close family.

The second reunion is with the youngest kid of our Army mom.

Mom was able to hide in her class before the start of the day and when the little girl enters the room, her classmates are aware of the surprise and all come together to yell a “Congratulations!” The little girl spots her mother at the back of the class and runs towards her Just like her older sibling she goes for a really long and tight hug with her mother.

Now comes the time to surprise her oldest child, her son.

Mom went to the gym of the high school to surprise her son. Doing exercises in the gym while blindfolded, he was not aware of the presence of his mom. Once finished the exercise and his teacher told him to take off his blindfold. Seeing his mom a couples inches away he doesn’t react at all. Mom gave him a little hug and asked him what was happening. He replied that he felt embarrassed, that a lot of girls were watching him in that gym.

Mom couldn’t believe his reaction but at the end of the day he was very happy that his mom his back at home with him and his two sisters.

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