Sailor gives her kids a magical surprise homecoming at the Missouri State Fair

A brother and sister are about to watch the greatest magic trick they have ever seen. The entire show is staged for the children who are outlined with a white circle on the video so that viewers know who to watch. The two kids thought they were simply seeing a magic show on Military Appreciation Day. Little did they know, the show was for them. The man on stage tells the children that on the count of three they will all say “please.” He holds a red bag in his left hand as he addresses the crowd of children in the audience eagerly watching the stage. There is a patriotic theme to this show. This is because the magician is performing on a very special day.

The magician transforms the red object into an American flag. The children watch in awe and are amazed at what they have seen so far. The magician explains to the audience how appreciative the local community is for the military people that protect this country every single day at their own risk. They have to leave their loved ones behind to go and protect the American way of life overseas in the most dangerous of situations.

Five year old Keilanni and four year old Noble have a front row seat to the amazing show that is about to unfold in front of their eyes. The magician then addresses these two specific children. He says that he might be able to do a magic trick for them and for their mother. He asks the two children when was the last time they saw their mother. The children’s mother is a Boatswain’s mate in the Navy. The two children missed their mother’s ship’s homecoming the last time she came home from deployment.

The magician brings another adult on stage. He calls him Mr. Stinky Feet. He tells the man about the children and about their mother. He once again thanks the military forces for their service. At this point, it had been 333 days since the two children had seen their mother in person. They had no idea when they would get the chance to see her again.

Nicole enlisted the help of Randy the magician to make sure that her kids would remember the next time she came home for the rest of their lives. She certainly did an amazing job at this and was very successful. As expected the magician makes mom “appear” from behind the blue curtain.

This is just an incredible and magical moment that everyone will always remember. This trick had the best surprise for these two children. There were certainly no dry eyes in the audience at that moment.

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