Marine neighbor saves a small boy from choking on a grape

Sergeant Tyler Harman is getting a hero’s honor for what he did off-duty. The Marine Corps Sgt. saved a toddler’s life. The toddler’s mother Amber remembers the scary moment her son Ryan choked on a grape.

“He started making a weird noise I had never heard and when I looked up he was purple. So, he was choking. I tried to slam on his back but I was not doing it right at all,” mom Amber remembers the incident through dried tears.

They were terrified when their toddler began choking. Amber ran her little boy to a neighboring apartment for help. Their Marine neighbor knew exactly what to do.

“Without thinking about it, I was still in my boxers, getting undressed from work. I ran out into the hallway of the apartment complex. I had heard: ‘He’s choking, he’s choking,’” Marine Corps Sgt. Tyler remembers how he learned of the tragedy unfolding. Tyler knew CPR from his training in the Marines.

“I just do not know what we would have done,” mom Ashley adds.

The parents informed 911 of the 2.5-year-old child choking and promised to send a team immediately. Luckily, after the heroic deed of saving the boy’s life, they did not need to set out at all. They made sure the boy was completely alert and awake.

Now Tyler is receiving the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement for his heroism.

“He saved a life. We serve, protect. We serve, and that is very important that we get that out there. It is not always hoorah, hoorah, kill, kill, but we are here to serve. That is what the slogan ‘We’re here to serve’ means. The service is to serve. We serve the Marine Corps. We serve our community. We serve the nation. Sgt. Harman embodies that spirit of service.”

A growing number of people are not aware of the distinction between the forces that protect America and the people being protected. They are clueless about what is being done on their behalf, 24 hours a day, around the world. The mistake people most common make is to confuse the various branches of military service: the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marine Corps. The difficulty typically arises when folks are talking about soldiers; they get them mixed up with the Marines. It also happens all the time in the news. Typically, folks assume that the Marines are a subdivision of the Army.

The US Marine Corps. are one of the four armed service branches of the US defense forces responsible for amphibious (land and see) actions. They have pledged to serve and protect the ship and crew inside military vessels but as you can see in the video, their duty is not limited to this. They are trained to act and think quickly and deploy within hours everywhere they are called for, like our hero Sgt. Tyler Herman.

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