Soldier sneaks up on sister, surprises her in supermarket after a year apart

This mother-of-three was stunned to tears during her weekly supermarket shop, after her soldier brother surprised her in the aisles after a year away serving.

Big sister Valerie Burns, 30, insists she’s always been very close to her younger brother, Brian Rodriguez, 24. From skipping out on school, to assisting with the birth of her first child, Brian and Valerie have lived most of their lives in tandem. Her brother had spent the past 12 months serving away in the army, so Valerie had to adapt her life without him by her side.

Obviously, she hasn’t been expecting her brother back from the army too soon. She is out shopping with her three children when she hears a familiar voice calls out her name. Looking up to see her older brother Jon smiling at her with a camera phone in hand, the mother-of-three is completely unaware of the scene unfolding behind her.

She turns around and she notices a uniformed man standing behind her in the camera of her phone. Valerie unleashes a spasm of erratic movements as she struggles to catch her breath at the sight of Brian before her.

She is so emotional and her voice gets weak and shaky as she asks him what he is doing there. Her eyes well up with tears as her brother pulls her close. They then lock into a firm embrace before celebrating their reunion. She almost black out in shock at the surprise. He really gave her a heartwarming surprise that touched our hearts. After 12 months of serving away in the National Guard, the siblings have met again with overflowing emotions!

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