50 years later, Vietnam veteran meets daughter he didn’t know existed

A recent phone call from a total stranger made Gary Barnes’ life even more full.

50 years ago while serving in Vietnam, Gary dated a woman from the Philippines. When he returned stateside he had no idea that he was leaving behind more than just a severed relationship. The woman had kept their love child a complete secret.

Since she was a young girl Olivia had wondered about her father and finally with the help of Ancestry.com she was able to find Gary. After they spoke over the phone, Gary agreed to a DNA test that confirmed he was indeed her father. Shortly after that decided to meet in person.

The 78-years-old veteran thought that he didn’t have any children and he suddenly became a father to Olivia, a grandfather to three boys and a great-grandfather another boy as well.

“Oh, I can’t describe it. My life is complete.” he told CBS 13.