A Letter from a Foreign Welcome Home Blog Follower: Danila in Italy

We receive a lot of wonderful emails from some of the people who frequent this site, and we appreciate every one. Recently, we got a message from one of our foreign visitors, a woman named Danila in Italy. In her message, Danila apologizes for her “terrible English,” but we think that her message could not be any more clear. Her message has not been edited, and here’s what she had to say:

“I found this blog while jumpin’ through the web, looking for something I had forgot about as I found this page. It catched my heart so tight that I just could not close it; not before have seen each of all the vids and pics you posted. Every post tell us a story, shares strong and deep emotions, and makes us feel close to people we will probably never meet.

Men and women, humans, blood heart and soul; not just war machines, as media too often define them.

In some cases I felt like those guys, girls, brothers, sisters, dads and moms where mine. Like I was waiting for them come back home too. But what really amazes me is the physical feel of honor, pride, and the respect and the selflessness wich soldiers give to their Country; those same things should be given back to them by everyone, even from those who just cross their paths.

I think it’s amazing and, sadly, I can’t recognize the same in my Country.

Unfortunately my limited English knowledge does not let me fully explain how do I feel right now, while tryin’ stop my tears falling down at my desk, in my home… so far away from your Country, in Italy. But, from tonight on, if you would give me this honor, I feel a little American too.

God bless your Country, your people, your being so united, and those who dedicate their lives to serve and protect what they love the most.
You are an inspiration.

A big warm hug from Italy,

ps: sorry for my terrible english.”

A big thank you to Danila for sending in her kind email. A language barrier was easily overcome by the strength of her intentions. Please say ‘hello’ to Danila and let her know what you think in the comments!

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