After 4 years overseas, USAF family finally meet their granddaughter

“In the Summer of 2012 my husband, Corey, and I found out the Air Force was sending us across the world to Misawa, Japan. Just a few months before the move we found out we were pregnant with our first baby. I excitedly broke the news to my family during a visit to Michigan, happy to officially make my mom and dad Grandparents for the first time! The down side? We would be gone for 4 years, with low probability to visit during that time due to the high expenses of traveling internationally. So we did the next best thing. Thanks to Apple, we used our iPhones and iPads to call, text and video chat ALL the time! Our daughter, Robyn, was able to grow up knowing her family even though we were almost 6,000 miles apart. Now our tour in Japan is finally up. After 4 very long years, my family was finally able to meet my beautiful 3.5-year-old daughter for the first time.”- Crystal Crim