Airman surprises daughter at the finish line of championship race

This young track star could not believe her eyes as she darted towards the finish line, running straight into the arms of her soldier mom who she had not seen in almost 6 months.

Jada McGee, 13, was brought to tears by the surprise that followed her running the anchor leg of her school’s 4×100 meter relay race recently.

The teenager’s mother, Captain Erika Woodson, is currently serving a three-year assignment in Anchorage, Alaska, and had not seen her daughter since the beginning of January.

This season had been particularly difficult for Jada – who runs for Edward Harris Junior Middle School, in Sacramento, California – as her mother had not been there to see any of her races for the school.

But Erika was determined to make it to her daughter’s championship race, and having flown in the morning of the event, the captain awaited nervously near the finish line, out of sight of her daughter on the other side of the track.

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