Army Sergeant home from 3rd tour proposes at White Coat Ceremony

An amazing day for a woman named Grace who’s been waiting a very long time to live in the same city as her true love. Separated for years, because of her boyfriend’s duties to his country, the young woman is now beaming because he’s finally back for good.

Grace Fallon had a very busy couple of weeks. She was being honored at a White Coat Ceremony at Le Moyne College in Syracuse where she’s part of the Nurse Practitioner Program. The honor is bestowed upon those who are transitioning from the classroom to clinical studies.

Throughout the ceremony, Fallon had a glow on her face — without even knowing what was to come. She was smiling from ear to ear just knowing that her boyfriend was there in the audience to support her and witness this great milestone.

Thrilled that he was even in the same city as her, Grace said over the last several years while Sgt. Edwin Michel was overseas, they rarely spent more than a few days together and have never lived in the same city.

That’s all going to change, however, and just in time for the holidays.

After six years in the Army and three tours in Afghanistan, Michel was ready to come home. He was released from his military duties a couple of months early, and surprised Grace recently at their brand new home. And after more than two years of online dates, by Skype or Facebook, Michel was ready for another big moment in their lives.

While the White Coat ceremony was going on, he told WSYR, “All I could keep telling myself is breath. Just keep breathing, keep breathing, try keep my heart rate down and controlled and relaxed.”

Michel waited nervously, with a ring in his pocket, for the host to call on him. She was in on the big proposal secret and told the crowd she wanted to thank the Army Sgt. for his service.

He and Fallon were both called to the stage…and the host asked a visibly nervous Michel what he’d like for Christmas. Well, all he wants for Christmas is Grace — the woman that stood by his side and was so patient all those years he served overseas.

“Grace makes me the happiest person in the world,” he said while dropping down to one knee. “So, could you marry me?”

After saying “yes” the bride-to-be told local media, “I cannot believe it. My family is here and it such a true blessing. It’s a blessing that he is home and I’m so glad that he is home and safe.”

Plans are already in the works for the day the happy couple finally ties the knot… Grace says she’s thinking about a fall wedding date.

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