Deployed dad surprises daughter with special cheerleading routine

After qualifying for nationals, the Koach All-Stars cheerleading team wanted to give their team a nice send-off. Team member’s dads worked hard to surprise the squad with their very own routine. However, 9-year-old Mikayla’s dad was in the Middle East. Sergeant First Class Robert Lange had been oversea for the last seven months serving with the Iowa National Guard. To make up for his absence her coach had a special surprise for her.

“For those that may not know, little Mikayla’s dad is deployed, so he could not be here today. So, we wanted you to feel special and all of those dads are now your dad,” Ashley Bailey announced. Each dad handed her an American flag and a flower.

With a memorable bouquet in hand Mikayla had one more surprise to witness. As she looked up at the screen she saw her dad apologizing for not being able to make it to her competition. Then she heard the cheer music. Before she knew it, Mikayla was watching Sgt. Lange and his unit perform their own cheer routine in the middle of the dessert. Despite her tears, Mikayla was overjoyed at the heartwarming moment.