Dog reunited with military family after 15 months

Brody is a beloved family dog that belongs to the Lloyds, an Air Force family. They were unable to keep Brody for 15 months due to their military housing’s pitbull ban, despite Brody’s perfect manners and personality. Luckily, the Lloyd’s found PACT for Animals and an amazing foster parent, Kathleen, who took Brody in and gave him a loving home until the Lloyds could take him back. Unfortunately, just one month before the Lloyd’s were planning to pick Brody up, he disappeared from Kathleen’s yard. PACT and Kathleen immediately alerted news agencies, social media, and pet services, and the whole state jumped in to try and bring Brody home! Despite being tagged and microchipped, Brody was not found for two agonizing weeks until he showed back up all by himself.


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