Fallen Soldier’s child gets escort to daddy-daughter dance

Army Sergeant Terrence Hinton wasn’t granted a long time with his daughter, Cayleigh. A few weeks after she turned five-years-old, Sgt. Hinton died in a military truck crash last year. In the short amount of time that they did spend together, Cayleigh became a daddy’s girl.

“He’s definitely here in spirit. I heard Cayleigh talking to him while she was getting ready, and I have no doubt she has him with her tonight,” Cayleigh’s mom, Jillian, told ABC7.
Jillian told about how Sgt. Hinton wanted to do so many things with his little girl, including attending father-daughter dances.

Although Sgt. Hinton couldn’t escort Cayleigh to her very first dance, another father was. First Sergeant Joseph Bierbrodt, who has two daughters of his own, was more than proud to escort Cayleigh along with the Patriot Guard to Our Lady of Humility School for the evening. 1SG Bierbrodt had never met the Hinton family and admitted that he wasn’t a great dancer, but his devotion to pay uplift other military families.