Four Siblings Surprised by Military Dad, Home From Afghanistan

“The kids knew daddy was coming home sometime in the next few weeks but didn’t know specifics. He was in Afghanistan for a nine-month deployment, and was coming back for good. This day, they thought I had gone to dinner with a friend when in reality I was going to pick daddy up to surprise them! I had texted the babysitter to tell her that she should tell the kids that there is a new Netflix movie in the mail so they should go outside to check the mail.  She had all three of the younger kids’ shoes on and sent Darby (our oldest) to her room to get her shoes on.  At this point, Darby decided randomly to look outside and saw us there.  They say she screamed all the way down the hallway, forgetting her shoes all together.  So we didn’t get to see her surprised face.  And that is also why she screams before she even sees Daddy right after coming out of the door. So there ya have it! Hope you enjoy the video!”

-Lindsey C.

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