Little brother burst with excitement when Marine surprises him after a year on deployment

Patiently waiting for his reward for doing well in school, Cash stood almost frozen with his hands ready to receive the gift. Little did he know the prop in his hand was just a clue and the real surprise would be bigger than his two hands could carry. Big brother Parker hadn’t seen Cash in almost a year because he was on deployment. Bursting with delight, Cash jumped up and grabbed a hold of his marine to squeezed him tight.

WELCOME HOME PARKER!!! 4 years come and gone and he’s finally home! For good this time!! No more “see ya laters”! Cash didn’t know Parker was coming home today. He thought he was getting a little surprise because he hadn’t been feeling well. ❤️😃❤️

Posted by Kim Perner on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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