Marine only expecting his fiance gets surprise reunion with family

For a Marine’s family, there is always a feeling of uncertainty that runs cold through their bodies. That is what makes homecomings so special. This family decided to film this Marine’s return home, as well as surprising him at what seems to be the base they returned to from being overseas. After eight long months, the Marine is home.

This whole video will make even the toughest of people emotional. It’s okay to shed a tear or two, you won’t be the only person that did! You can only image what ran through this Marine’s fiancee’s mind once she saw her husband-to-be return home. You can even see the look of surprise wash over the Marine’s face once he realized that his whole family came to greet him. How touching!

Being away from one another can be hard when both people are two worlds apart. It’s even harder when one is enlisted in the Marines. But a strong bond can overcome anything, just as this couple has proven.

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