Military Dad Surprises 4 Year Old Son

“Husband was in Arizona for some training since March of 2015… We always surprise him when his dad comes home from deployments, etc… This one happened to be the most confused, but surprised feeling he ever felt because his father was not suppose to come back till May ( about another 3 weeks ) !! For this occasion he had came back early because I am expecting our second child ( a girl ) and I am high risk, so his wonderful Msgt brought him back home early! And we’ll this day my husband had just face timed him as he always does when he is away.. And our son proceeded to ask the same questions and statements ‘why are you in zona ( Arizona ) daddy? I miss you daddy! I want you to come back daddy! Why are the helicopters in zona daddy?’ As they were talking my husband told our son, ‘I have to go ok… I have to go back to work’ Our son of course did not want to hang up.. But he did reluctantly… Then within 3 mins he hears a very familiar voice say ” hey mister! ” and the rest is history!!” – Nicole Joseph