‘Military to the Mountains’ ski program saving lives 22 veterans at a time

Helping a group of 22 injured veterans take back their lives against the battle of PTSD and depression, Roy Tuscany, the Director of High Fives Foundation put together a 10-week ski program to give them the resources and tools they need to be successful. Military to the Mountains is billed as a ski week, but the program doesn’t end with a good time in the mountains but rather each group builds camaraderie amongst each other that extends beyond the slopes.

Shay Hampton an Air Force veteran who suffers from brain damage due to chemical exposure explains, “It just takes an effort on everybody’s part and I can say that because I am probably the worst one at it. I seem to kinda crawl back into my shell, but these guys are helping me a lot you know by talking to me and saying… ‘hey, I am going to call you tomorrow.’ and then they do call me tomorrow and it gives me the ‘I am going to call you tomorrow’ and then I call them. it is just baby steps.”

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