Mystery Skype call turns into tear-filled reunion between soldier and daughter

Vogelweh Elementary sets up a special surprise for one special student.

It starts with a Skype call with her dad, Staff Sergeant Smith, who she thinks is just calling to say hi during his deployment to Kosovo.

Just at the sight of her dad on the computer has her breaking down into tears.


As she clutches on to tissues Staff Sgt Smith tells her and her class that he’s just gotten off of a ‘bird’ also known as an airplane and is in a different country. Her teacher gets the whole class involved trying to guess what country he might be in.


As their guesses progress he gives them a clue that he’s flown in to visit a special friend. He asks the class if they want to meet his friend and they scream, “YES!!”

He moves over on the sofa and their school mascot sits next to him and the class erupts into chaos, barely containing the excitement.


His little girl doesn’t even seem to notice to commotion going on around her as she tries to process the sight on her computer.

“Are you here?” she asks.

‘You are in the principles office!” she exclaims and quickly gets up and turns to run down the hallway with her classmates on her heels.


As soon as she gets to her dad he pulls her into a deep embrace that only make her tears of joy turn to sobs.


So happy to have her dad home again she’s at a loss for words at what it’s like to have him home again.

Welcome home Staff Sergeant Smith. Everyone at Vogelweh Elementary is happy to have you home!




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