Navy wife offered free college education by Strayer University

Demetria Bitjoka, a devoted Navy wife, put her education on hold to dedicate herself to her husband and children. The mother of 3 was awarded a full scholarship to Strayer University.

Strayer University recently released a project called, ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ to offer opportunities to students who have wanted to pursue a college degree, but have had many obstacles to overcome in their life.

Simone, Demetria’s sister-in-law, nominated her for the scholarship, as she felt that she truly deserved it. “Demetria is most likely to succeed because she is giving without looking for something in return,” Simone said.

According to Daily Mail, Demetria explained that being a Navy Wife has its challenges. Even though she has her own personal dreams, she happily made the sacrifice to put them on hold for her family.

“I’ve always had a dream of obtaining my degree and to be told that you’re under-qualified is heart-breaking,” she explained.
Demetria is now enrolled in Strayer’s online program, Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She also works full-time, runs her own photography business and participates in community events.