Officer lets kids broadcast goodbyes to Navy dad over patrol car PA system

A San Diego Police officer made a Navy family’s day when he offered the children of a sailor one last chance to say goodbye to their departing father over his police cruiser’s loudspeaker.

SDPD Officer James Weaver recalls watching the Buetow family -people he did not know before then- waving goodbye to their Navy dad as he left on his first deployment aboard the USS Carl Vinson last Thursday.

“As I was sitting there,” Weaver recounted, “I saw the family over here and the two little kids were by the rocks over here screaming to dad yelling bye and I figured that he couldn’t hear them cause I could barely hear them from across the parking lot, so I just pulled my car over and asked if they wanted to use the PA.”

Navy wife Brettany Buetow was so touched by the gesture that allowed her children’s little voices be heard.

“It meant a lot to us,” she told NBC 7. “I was holding it together pretty well until he asked them if they wanted to do that and I just slowly broke down and started crying.”

Brettany took photos of two of her three children saying goodbye into the microphone as Officer Weaver puts his arm out of his cruiser’s window.

The photos were posted to Buetow’s social media page and was shared hundreds of times, much to the surprise of Weaver.

“As blown up as it’s getting and going viral and everything I never expected that,” Weaver said. “I just thought I’d come over and try and let a couple of kids say bye to their dad. All of a sudden it made the news and we’re here doing interviews, so it’s definitely a memorable moment.”

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