Photographer Captures Amazingly Heartwarming Military Reunion

“I knew this homecoming would be extra special since it was the first time Nick was meeting his newborn daughter.  I photographed a session for their family the night before Nick left for his deployment.  Abbie’s baby bump was barely showing and in the back of my mind I kept thinking that so much was going to happen while he was gone.  Abbie & I are neighbors and best friends, so I was fortunate to be with Abbie during the birth of Penelope.  While I was creating the homecoming video, I realized that highlighting not only the actual homecoming, but also a little bit of the journey, was essential in telling their story.  I wanted to share with the world a piece of the sacrifice military members and their families have to make.  Abbie was here manning the fort and taking care of 3 kids solo.  I did not want that story to be lost.

We had a lot going against us during the homecoming.  The plane was 2 hours late.  It started raining.  We decided to go visit the restroom and grab some snacks after hearing the plane was going to be a bit longer, only to find out Nick had already landed.  We literally ran into him on the way back to the terminal.  Thankfully, it all worked out and I was able to capture the beautiful reunion of this wonderful family.  I am so happy this family is back together & so thankful they will have this video to document these special memories.”

Jess Renee Photography

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