Sailor ambushes 11-years-old son with surprise homecoming

“My sister is Active Duty Navy. I watch my Nephew every time she has to go off for training or deployment. The first time I watched him was from 14 months old to 5 years old.

This time I’ve had him from 10 almost 11 years old, and I’ll have him for the next 2-3 years. My sister got a few days leave before she leaves again, so we decided to surprise him with her homecoming at one of his favorite restaurants, Chili’s!

Nothing is harder than being a service member who has to be separated from their loved ones. My sister does a great service to this country and I couldn’t be more proud to step in and be the dad my nephew deserves.

I love him like he is my own son. I’m very proud of my sister and proud to have the opportunity to be a dad. Family first, always and forever!” – Zava Larc

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